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Personal Brief

Seun Onakoya is a highly motivated individual that loves exploring new challenges, concepts & ideas. He enjoys developing business models and reading extensively for the purpose of continuous development geared towards problem solving and the creation of enduring solutions for National and community development.

One of his goals is to help people create businesses that has a human dimension, generate employment, develop innate human capacity and vast revenues.

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A Personal Statement from me

My goal is to assist people and businesses fulfil their desired objectives and purpose. My passion for helping people is centered around advising and ensuring people succeed in their chosen endeavours. My objective is to communicate what has been deposited in me and I have been given all the resources to fulfill that calling – so too, do you have all that you need – right now!

Business is the driving force of any forward thinking society. The entrepreneurial spirit ensures communities and nations continue to exist. In essence, if 70% of life is lived in this atmosphere, why shouldn’t everybody be involved in it? Why shouldn’t everybody get it right. Business is a doorway to helping others and when you are on purpose and paying attention to guidance, there is a natural flow that occurs to allow you to serve.

As Business Coach, I communicate from the heart, the experience of a broad-minded business owner and from the guidance of my own spiritual integrity.

I would love to be your COACH in business and personal development.
Personal Objective

To be a world-class coach advising families, corporate organizations and governments in Africa towards achieving meaningful communal development both socially and economically. To continuously add value to my primary clients in the area of management, corporate strategy, finance, policy development and implementation, personal development, resource management amongst others


Analytical Thinking, Relationship Building for Influence, Cultural Innovation, Working Strategically, Change Management, Resilience, Ownership, Intercultural Competence, Professional Confidence and Leadership

Professional Skills

Management Consulting, Corporate Business Strategy, Programme Facilitation, Communication, Content Development. Seun also works with companies in undertaking project vetting and business planning, project structuring, documentation negotiation and review. He is also involved with designing project structures and service offerings in diverse industry.

Seun Onakoya has worked with several companies and organizations on the following;

Due Diligence and Government Relations

Organizational Structure Development

Corporate Policy Development

Market Research

Personal Development​



Community Development Advisory

Seun helps decision makers and community stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding about the complexities and realities of community development. He also engages community leaders on the gains and benefits of a holistic developmental plan.

Social Responsibility Projects

Community Initiatives

Personal Development Initiatives

Helping the helpless

Out of 5

Out of 5what My Clients Say


Best real estate consultant ever

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Gianna Irvin

Working with hank was our smartest decision

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John Oliver

Working with a real estate consultant turned out to be very profitable for us

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Becky George
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