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A Personal Statement from me


Thank you for visiting my website.

My goal is to assist people and businesses fulfil their desired objectives and purpose. My passion for helping people is centered around advising and ensuring people succeed in their chosen endeavours. My objective is to communicate what has been deposited in me and I have been given all the resources to fulfill that calling – so too, do you have all that you need – right now!

Business is the driving force of any forward thinking society. The entrepreneurial spirit ensures communities and nations continue to exist. In essence, if 70% of life is lived in this atmosphere, why shouldn’t everybody be involved in it? Why shouldn’t everybody get it right. Business is a doorway to helping others and when you are on purpose and paying attention to guidance, there is a natural flow that occurs to allow you to serve.

As Business Coach, I communicate from the heart, the experience of a broad-minded business owner and from the guidance of my own spiritual integrity.

I would love to be your COACH in business and personal development.

Optimizing Businesses of Every Kind,

Every Size.

Are You Next?

“…I was looking for a HR consultant when I was referred to Mr Seun. As it turned out he wasn’t a HRC, he was one better…he took me down a journey of my strengths and helped me see myself better though my strengths rather than my flaws.
He also used every avenue within his control to lend support even after the coaching session…thank you for being of service(I’m sure that’s a strength!).

Comfort Booth

 Not all Heroes wear capes

In one of the very trying moments of my life( My Transitions to Comms). I had always known what i wanted but didn’t know how to achieve it. The destination seemed clear but the journey was a blur. I could hardly find my way. I desperately for someone who could point me in the direction to go, “a clarity session”. Mr. Seun Onakoya was the lifeline i needed and i got it. He scheduled a  1 hour Business coaching Package appointment with me and that was it. I knew exactly what to do and how      

Oluwakemi Joan Anifowoshe

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